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Apollo was worshipped for his many qualities, proven by his epithets:

  • Epicourios - Ready to help
  • Katharsios - Ready to purge evil
  • Savior - Saving from evil
  • Alexicacos - Protector from harm and evil
  • Kourotrofos - Feeder of children
  • Mousigetis - Conducting the Muses
  • Moiragetis - Leader of human destiny
  • Loxias - His oracle was interpretable in two ways
  • Ecativolos - Able to throw arrows 100 meters, and reach his target

The Apollo Award
The Award for those serving education at a world scale

The nine Muses inspiring Apollo living
at Mount Parnassus

For art and culture enthusiasts, February 2016 is the time to head to Goa to witness a truly international event - Youth Delphic Games. Globally celebrated Indian personalities such as Alyque Padamsee, Dr. Sonal Mansingh, Shiamak Davar, Pahlaj Nihalani, cultural icons from around the world are associated with the upcoming games. Mr. Nikhil Desai, Managing Director, Goa Tourism Development Corporation shared, "Goa is a true representation of our great country. Being selected to host the coveted Youth Delphic Games raises Goa to global prominence as a cultural tourism hub." Read the press release by the Youth Delphic Games Organising Committee.