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The Games between the Games
at local, national and regional level

Delphiads – the Games between the Games

The Delphiads will offer artists and creative professionals a unique forum to make the richness of their regions culture visible for all citizens in contemporary as well as traditional aspects. Only the advantage of this occasion provides a wide-ranging perception of small regional cultural groups as facets of regional cultural diversity. A variety of events, artistic competitions, exhibitions, documentaries and discussions provide visitors with the most diverse way of inspiration, establishing friendship and professional contacts, as well as the enjoyment of artistic masterpieces and avant-garde innovations. Not only the arts and cultural sector will benefit from the numerous art and cultural enthusiastic visitors, but the impulses will also strengthen all affected economic sectors in the region.

Delphiads – Focus on cultural identity
  • A Delphiad is the time frame of four years between the worldwide Youth Delphic Games and the worldwide Delphic Games (for adults) giving room to arts, culture, education and for preliminary heats to select artistic skills for the worldwide Games.
  • Cultural identity grows on the basis of a shared history, common intellectual values und common traditions. By strengthening their cultural identity communities and peoples grow together and develop binding and integrating identification forces. Cultural identity has to be understood as precondition and basis for political integration.
  • Cultural identity cannot be created by proclamation. Rather it results from a longsome growth process over generations. Politics have to influence this process, particularly by promoting the awareness and acceptance of common values.
  • Culture plays an eminent, identity endowing role, since it strongly forms the spiritual and emotional experiences and it is probably most suitable to generate a feeling of belonging and proud.
Delphiads – at various levels invigorating the vision of unity
  • International Delphiads – every 2 years at continental or larger regional level / organized by NDC & IDC
    • European Delphiad, Asian Delphiad, Middle East Delphiad, etc.
  • National Delphiads – every year at national level / organized by NDC
    • National heats to select the best artists available to be part of the national delegation at international level
  • Regional Delphiads – flexible at regional level / organized by Delphic Clubs / associated members
    • Skill competitions to select most promising talents to come
  • Local Delphiads – flexible at city level / organized by Delphic Clubs / associated Members
    • Skill competition among education structures and research for the best education method
Delphiads – reflection of education concepts
  • Teaching through the arts – brings the concept of the Delphic Games to schools and youth culture. It is designed as a whole year competition alongside the normal school time.
  • Professional-led workshops, presentation of the works by the participants and public events.
  • Schools / regional school administrations respectively carry the responsibility for this project, for which the motto is redefined every year. It is conceivable that this project could develop into a national level competition and finally even onto an European level taking the international Youth Delphic Games as a model.
Delphiads – the pursue of several goals
  • to help to encourage young people in their cultural and artistic education
  • to enhance interest in current issues in society
  • to enlarge personal access to art, culture and society and will give space to express themselves and be open in creative debates
  • to benefit from exchanges with other young people, from the experience and professional advice of skilled experts
  • to give teachers new impetus for their teaching
  • to develop adolescent expression and communication
  • to strengthen the identification of students with their school, whilst providing the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and present themselves in public.
Delphiads – Competitions and presentations
  • The artistic disciplines of the Delphiad are especially youth oriented, which are school intern or school extern appeal to the creative potential of the pupil. The school intern entries at the Delphiade of Arts will be devised in class and in the working groups under the guidance of specialist subject teacher and group leaders. The school extern entries will be done in workshops under the guidance of artists, educators and other professionals.
  • Highlight is the common conclusion show. The participants take on with their own names, but represent also their schools. The several schools get the chance to constitute their profile and special projects as well. A specialized jury elects the winner in each discipline and places the prizes, finally altogether are celebrating on the prize gala.
Inside the school

The classical literary genre 'essay' includes many different forms, such as treatises, columns and articles. An essay always deals with only one subject and poses new questions. The texts will be developed in classrooms, whereby an essay should be in each case the work of individual pupils.

Political debate

Debate means: Comment on an issue, ponder and convince. Without convincibility, power of expression and expertise, a disputation can't be won. It requires rhetorical skills and personal lines of reasoning. Only shortly before the debate starts, it's clear who represents the pros and cons which means the participating adolescents must deal with the two conflicting perspectives beforehand.

Photography & Photo Design

Showing things from a different perspective, documentation, conceptual work or snapshot: There are many ways to work with photography. To cover a topic photographically means to make use of an universal visual language and guides the essential elements to get to the heart of the matter.

Digital Media

Digital Media have become an integral part of our work and our everyday life and therefore they are also becoming more important in school life. Whether PowerPoint or short film, students are asked to use their knowledge and their ability to develop a project beyond the school and hence, allow access to a greater audience.

Outside the school
Poetry Slam

One of the most vivid poetry slam scenes in the German-speaking world is located in Berlin. Poetry Slam is a modern literary lecture competition which is presented to the audience as a short, self-written text.

Impro Theatre

Improvisational theatre (also known as impro/improv theatre) are short plays in which the improvisers use improvisational acting to perform spontaneously. Improvisers typically use audience suggestions to guide the performance as they create fixed frames for dialogue, characters, time, place, etc...


With the feature film "Beat Street" in the mid-80's, break dancing started its triumph around the world. Today, break dancing is an integral part of youth culture. This is how it goes: Individual dancers or teams compete against each other in a "battle" to demonstrate their artistic skills.


Street art is a contemporary form of art in public space. The artists use different materials such as marker, brushes, paint rollers, spray cans, stickers or posters in order to design all kinds of backgrounds. Streetart allows students a nonchalant contact with art and the opportunity to create their own environment in a visual way.